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ASDA is a non-profit organization of professional dog trainers, dedicated to the training and placement of service dogs for people with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, arthritis, deafness, multiple sclerosis and many other physical impairments, autism as well as PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)…


Find out if you qualify to obtain a service dog from American Service Dog Association.

All of our service dogs are custom trained to ensure the client’s needs.

We can teach our service dogs to: pull wheelchairs, push handicapped buttons, open and close doors, turn light switches on and off, and much more!

Qualified recipients of a service dog include those suffering from a physical or mental disability, autism or PTSD.

My name is David, I was in the Marine Corps for six years and while I was in Iraq in 2006 my truck was hit by a road side bomb… Read More


Wonderful organization! I cannot say enough how kind, informative and extremely great to work with Rob and Susanne are… Read More


Anna is a beautiful young lady that has a strong passion for animals. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mild autism, her future didn’t seem ordinary or easy. But once Anna got the idea of finding a service dog that could help her go place safely, she grew with excitement of her new possibilities. Anna was given the privilege of meeting Winston in December 2015. After several months of training and fund raising, she was excited to have a permanent companion… Read More


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