What We Do

Dog Training

All of our service dogs are custom trained to ensure the client’s needs. We can teach our service dogs to:

  • pull wheelchairs
  • pushing handicapped buttons
  • opening and closing doors, drawers, refrigerators,
  • turning on and off light switches
  • retrieving any dropped object
  • putting trash in the trashcan
  • stand and brace to get in and out of a chair or if you had fallen on the ground to help you get up
  • counterbalancing while walking or going up and down stairs
  • bringing the phone when it rings
  • alerting the client to specific sounds if hearing impaired
  • calming or comforting the client in case of autism or PTSD.

What We Don’t Train

We do not train medical alert dogs, such as low or high blood sugar level alert dogs, seizure alert dogs or see and eye dogs for the visually impaired or blind.