How Much Does a Dog Cost?

leoSince we are a non-profit organization our clients participate in fundraising efforts for our organization. Our clients have a fundraising goal between $15,000 and $20,000 to perform. By using our clients as volunteer fundraisers we are able to operate on a much larger budget, which means we can place far more dogs and do not have to utilize a waiting list.

How Funds Are Used

The funding you are raising is used to support the ASDA mission of placing service dogs with disabled people. Once your fundraising requirement is complete you will then qualify to receive one of our specially trained dogs. It will cost ASDA $25,000+ to place a service dog with a disabled person so any amount of money you raise that exceeds your minimum required amount will certainly make it possible for us to train even more dogs for more disabled people.

Fundraising Assistance

Since the fundraising might be overwhelming to you at first, ASDA will be here to support your efforts in any way that we can.