annaAnna is a beautiful young lady that has a strong passion for animals. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mild autism, her future didn’t seem ordinary or easy. But once Anna got the idea of finding a service dog that could help her go place safely, she grew with excitement of her new possibilities. Anna was given the privilege of meeting Winston in December 2015. After several months of training and fund raising, she was excited to have a permanent companion.

anna2The change has been incredible; more confidence, lessened anxiety in public places and no more unnecessary scraped up knees from falling. Anna and Winston are happy to attend school together, everyday during the week. If Anna drops a pencil, Winston is right there to pick it up for her. He accompanies Anna to and from class in middle school, eats lunch with her in the cafeteria, walks around the track with her during physical education, and rides the bus to and from school with her. On the weekends, Anna is able to go to the movies, out to dinner and visit the zoological facilities she enjoys. This has been one of the most rewarding gifts both Anna and Winston have ever received. They’ve found each other! We would like to thank American Service Dogs Association for making Anna’s dream, a reality. Thank You So Much Rob & Susanne!

It’s been a pleasure working with you!