My name is Cathy.  I have had chronic ear infections throughout my childhood and adulthood.  As a young adult, I discovered I had a cholesteatoma in one of my ears.  I have had four surgeries in an attempt to repair my ear.  As a result of the many surgeries, I have been left with severe hearing loss in that ear.  I am forever grateful to Susanne and Rob who have made it possible for me to have my service dog which helps me with my hearing impairment. It has been such a pleasure working with them.  They are very dedicated, compassionate, and caring trainers that truly embrace the challenge of helping others with highly trained dogs.  When we first started working together, they really wanted to know what specific needs my hearing impairment caused me to have and then we brainstormed what this service dog could specifically do for me.  My service dog will pick up any items I may drop and not hear it:   keys, credit cards, gloves (almost anything).  He can bring the phone to me if I don’t hear it.  He will let me know when people approach me from behind because I have a hard time hearing people coming up from behind.  He also helps me with balance.  He helps me if I fall.  He helps me to feel more confident.  I am forever thankful to Susanne and Rob.  They are wonderful people to work with and I highly recommend them.

Seiger can retrieve items (almost anything), put trash in the trash can, handicap button, stand and brace, help me up if I fall, close cabinets.  He knows basic and advanced obedience.

Alyssa Shaw

I was an intern with the American Service Dog Association and had an amazing experience. I was able to be a part of every aspect of their lives, from maintaining the dogs’ skills to meeting with clients for lessons. I was able to experience what it is like to handle a service dog in public and see how much work goes into training the dogs. Being able to see how much these dogs affect their handlers was beautiful. Susanne and Rob were great to work with and helped work around my crazy schedule. I am so grateful for the opportunity and will take what I learned with me for future experiences.

Pam Tomasovic

Nattan, a standard poodle service dog, is loved by Jacob and his family!  When Jacob is recovering from a seizure or has a melt down, the only thing he wants is Nattan.  Nattan will lay by Jacob and pretty soon we here laughter instead of complaining or moaning.   Nattan also helps Jacob when he is out and about in the community.  Because of Nattan we are able to do more with Jacob. Nattan goes everywhere Jacob goes… restaurants, shopping, camping, fishing, baseball games, Dr. appointments, etc.    We are blessed to have Nattan as part of our family.

David Bircher

My name is David, I was in the Marine Corps for six years and while I was in Iraq in 2006 my truck was hit by a road side bomb. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and have had four left shoulder surgeries. These injuries have really impaired my way of life. That’s when I turned to ASDA to inquire about a possible service dog. Rob and Susanne looked over my application and interviewed me to see what I needed the dog to do. After we all came up with a general idea of what I needed ASDA started the search. They found Leo in Germany and immediately contacted me with videos and pictures. I was blessed to have the financial backing of the Semper Fi Fund. Within a couple of days of Leo’s arrival Susanne and I went to work. Since then Susanne and I have been working every week, not to mention the countless number of hours that Susanne and Rob train with Leo when I am not there. ASDA does not only train the dogs they put their whole life and family into them which is truly a personal touch that is extremely important in the training process. American Service Dog Association is out there to help everyone with a disability and a need for a service dog. I have done a lot of research on different organizations that train service dogs and the time and passion that ASDA puts into their training and clients has exceeded every expectation that I have had. I want to thank you for everything that you and your organization is about. You have helped train me and my dog Leo.

Semper Fi,
David Bircher

Natalie Bausch

Wonderful,organization! I cannot say enough how kind, informative and extremely great to work with Rob and Susanne are. My daughter, Mia has been with her dog for less than a week and her confidence and spirits have been lifted so much. It’s awesome for our whole family. We are all excited for more training and continued support.

Stacey LaViola

Anna is a beautiful young lady that has a strong passion for animals. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mild autism, her future didn’t seem ordinary or easy. But once Anna got the idea of finding a service dog that could help her go place safely, she grew with excitement of her new possibilities. Anna was given the privilege of meeting Winston in December 2015. After several months of training and fund raising, she was excited to have a permanent companion.

The change has been incredible; more confidence, lessened anxiety in public places and no more unnecessary scraped up knees from falling. Anna and Winston are happy to attend school together, everyday during the week. If Anna drops a pencil, Winston is right there to pick it up for her. He accompanies Anna to and from class in middle school, eats lunch with her in the cafeteria, walks around the track with her during physical education, and rides the bus to and from school with her. On the weekends, Anna is able to go to the movies, out to dinner and visit the zoological facilities she enjoys. This has been one of the most rewarding gifts both Anna and Winston have ever received. They’ve found each other! We would like to thank American Service Dogs Association for making Anna’s dream, a reality. Thank You So Much Rob & Susanne!

It’s been a pleasure working with you!